Monday, November 16, 2009

The Art of Sacrifice and Letting Go

They say if you really Love someone you need to make sacrifices even though it will caused you pain, I’ve been watching movies, TV series, reading books, almost all of their messages is about the Art of Sacrificing and Letting Go. The Art of Sacrifice, a very common notion to all of us, when it comes to Love we do everything just to make the person we Love Happy, but when will we know the boundaries of when to Sacrifice what we feel and how to give up the One person in our heart? I guess this question can never be answered, in every decisions we made there’s an equivalent consequence that will happen in a sudden moment, it might cause the other half to be in the dark, and the other half to be left in pain, either way both sides struggle and get trapped in what we call regret stage. Nothing in this world is easy, nothing in this world is permanent, and all are borrowed times that we need to make most of it while we are with the one we love before we end up regretting what we sacrifice and what is not to be sacrificed. The Art of Letting Go or the art of losing many things in our lives, this is the stage where changes takes place, changes that will define the reason why we got hurt and how to find are way back to the truth. Looking for explanation on the wound will be a nightmare that we have to face in order to move forward and forget the past, accepting the heart ache rather than denying the pain is the harsh way to deal in order for us to survive the game of love. Taking the next step is a much more cruel feeling, in which we seek for the truth in our self; we cannot afford to get lost in this phase, we take a rough road and no matter how far the race is, the bottom line is we cannot take shortcuts, we come face to face with our worst fear, and that’s looking back on what we never have. The wound will be gone soon but a scar will be left, to remind us of the mistake we made in the past, for us not to be trap in the pain of what went before.

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