Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Open Letter

My heart fears you, because you are my Greatest pain, but before this year end I want to say Goodbye to you, to what we have, to all the memories and to our love… I realize that life is too short to dwell on the past, we all have to move on, I don’t regret loving you but I regret marrying you, we were both at the stage of pressure that time, I should have known better but I cannot go back and make it right, I know I have my share of mistakes in our relationship and I’m sorry, I’m not perfect, nobody is… Thank you for all the years that you shared with me, I hope you find what you’re looking for… If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience, it is facing your Greatest Fear and moving forward, for there is a reason things happened, for God gives us all a chance for redemption, and I’m going to take the chance God gave me, with my son I was able to stand again and face another sunset. This is it, there’s no looking back, and I’m ready for a Change… Goodbye to all the tears I’ve cried, goodbye to the anger I felt because of the pain you’ve caused, goodbye to all the sleepless night…. I’m free now from all the anguish of a broken love, I’m not broken anymore, and with each day I’m picking up the pieces of what’s left of me, now I can smile without pretending that I’m fine…

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Art of Sacrifice and Letting Go

They say if you really Love someone you need to make sacrifices even though it will caused you pain, I’ve been watching movies, TV series, reading books, almost all of their messages is about the Art of Sacrificing and Letting Go. The Art of Sacrifice, a very common notion to all of us, when it comes to Love we do everything just to make the person we Love Happy, but when will we know the boundaries of when to Sacrifice what we feel and how to give up the One person in our heart? I guess this question can never be answered, in every decisions we made there’s an equivalent consequence that will happen in a sudden moment, it might cause the other half to be in the dark, and the other half to be left in pain, either way both sides struggle and get trapped in what we call regret stage. Nothing in this world is easy, nothing in this world is permanent, and all are borrowed times that we need to make most of it while we are with the one we love before we end up regretting what we sacrifice and what is not to be sacrificed. The Art of Letting Go or the art of losing many things in our lives, this is the stage where changes takes place, changes that will define the reason why we got hurt and how to find are way back to the truth. Looking for explanation on the wound will be a nightmare that we have to face in order to move forward and forget the past, accepting the heart ache rather than denying the pain is the harsh way to deal in order for us to survive the game of love. Taking the next step is a much more cruel feeling, in which we seek for the truth in our self; we cannot afford to get lost in this phase, we take a rough road and no matter how far the race is, the bottom line is we cannot take shortcuts, we come face to face with our worst fear, and that’s looking back on what we never have. The wound will be gone soon but a scar will be left, to remind us of the mistake we made in the past, for us not to be trap in the pain of what went before.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Irony of Love

Is there really a happy ending? Watching different movies and seeing the ending either a happy one or tragic, even in real life it happens. I was watching TV series titled Smallville, Clark and Lana both are in love and yet because of fear to protect Lana, Clark hides what he really feels and push Lana away while on the other hand Lana still hold on because of her love for Clark but I was struck by Clark mother’s question, “did you broke up with her because you want to protect her or because you think she’s not the one?” question left unanswered by Clark, why do we need to hide from what we feel? Why are we afraid to take the risk of loving someone? Is sacrificing the right thing to do at the expense of hurting the one we love only to find in the end that we made the wrong decision because we still love the person that we let go. Love can make or break us, once we get heart broken, we made irrational decision, decision that left us regretting and left us seeking for peace of mind. Definitely, maybe; a movie which gives us a lesson of taking the risk to find the One love, but think about it if William did not took the risk of falling in love all over again he might not found the love of his life, but is risking enough for us to have happy ending? Chasing the love of our life, Made of Honor almost the same message of the movie definitely, maybe but the quirk of fate of this movie is that Tom chase Hannah after he realize that all the time he was with other women it is Hannah that he is in love with, why do we chase love after being blind of what we feel from the start, what if it’s too late to chase love only to find out that it is already been restless of waiting. Having a happy ending and yet there was not enough time and unfortunately we lose the one we love in a second, Nights in Rodanthe give a picture of a Love that was found in pain, loneliness and betrayal by past love, that in the midst of all the gloominess getting heart broken there still the one who will swept you off your feet, however the chance given to have happy ending seems to be a stolen moment of happiness. We keep on searching for the one true love in our life just to know that we misread wrong gesture and end up getting hurt from our own mistake, the movie He is just that not into you, give us a lesson that the one can never be seek, can never be waited but it will come along at the right time and in the right place, this movie tells us that there is the one who is meant for us to be with like the movie Serendipity, Lake House, The Notebook, that no matter what the character in the movie had been through they still end up together, they did get there happy ending. It is true that Love is a dangerous game to be played once you got burn it will be hard to believe that there is a happy ending in love; we become afraid to feel the beat of our heart and deny the fact that our hearts needs to beat again, feel alone and everything that surround us is blue, is there hope along the way or another maze of fate that we need to take the course in order for us to have happy ending.